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Hola and thank you for taking the time to read about me.

I am the Head of Analytics at Neighbourlytics, a start-up in the civic and property tech space. At Neighbourlytics, I lead the data and analytics strategy and implementation – from ideation through to production. I am in charge of the research and development of our core analytics IP as well as the delivery of bespoke analytics within special projects. In a previous career, I was a secondary school mathematics and science teacher, as such, I rely on many of the strategies I developed as a teacher to build analytics collaboratively and with purpose.

My technical career has focused mostly on working with non-technical people to develop analytics for measurement, in many different contexts, to help inform decisions. I am experienced across a broad range of technologies, I enjoy being on tools as much as I enjoy setting the strategy and architecture of algorithms. I also enjoy managing people and have managed technical, non-technical, and hybrid teams.

I have a masters in mathematics with a focus on operations research and discrete mathematics - I studied how to understand the mathematics behind logistical and operational type of problems. My masters research focused on evaluating ways to better schedule volunteers during an emergency in order to account for the different stages of an emergency activation, as well as the constraints set by the skills the different volunteers have and the skills necessary at every stage.

Outside of work I like to spend time involved with organisations that try to elevate the voices of those who are marginalised – mostly, but not limited to, technology. Aside from being a Director on the board of Women in STEMM Australia where I find incredible inspiration and belief in the future for women in STEMM in Australia, I am on the board of VicSRC, an organisation which empowers students voices, across Victoria, to be valued in all aspects of education.

Gala Camacho Ferrari

Gala Camacho Ferrari