A Thought: On IWD

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Published on Mar 08, 2020 by Gala Camacho Ferrari


I used to really look forward to #IWD but this year I have many mixed feelings, so here are some thoughts on how to show your support for #IWD through action.

  • If you organise an event and ask a woman to speak, pay her.
  • Make your event open to all women, not just an elite few. It is hard to move up the chain, don’t restrict networking to those who have already made it up there.
  • Don’t charge women to attend your event, having to pay to celebrate is ridiculous.
  • IWD is about elevating women, you can do this by making time with your staff to talk about how your office could be more inclusive. This is also part of elevating women, not just pointing out a few special ones around.
  • Make sure your celebration is inclusive of all women. I counted, and out of 27 events I was invited to, 24 had white women speakers, we can do better.

If you can read Spanish, here are some insightful visualisations.

Ni Una Menos

Ni Una Menos

Women across Mexico demonstrated what a Mexico without women would be like